Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Presentation to the Residents at The Juvenile Justice Commission - March 2, 2012

Although Black History Month may have ended, members of the United States Black Cavalry Family (USBCF) continue to educate young men and women in their communities and those confined in special programs. Yesterday “TC”, “Sunny”, and “Big T” traveled to Camden, New Jersey to address young men assigned to the Camden Residential Community Home and Transitional Program. This program is under the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC).

The Juvenile Justice Commission is committed to providing a continuum of care that prepares juveniles to return to their communities at the completion of their sentences. Transitional programs provide an integral step that helps juveniles succeed upon their release.

The USBCF was invited to address 20 of these young men by the program’s superintendent, Mr. Furqan Sharif and Rev. Jonathan Cook. It was another afternoon well spent by members of the USBCF fulfilling their mission of assisting those in need.

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